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Derry Tours: a walk around the Walls in Derry reveals a splendid City crammed full of history, heritage and a vibrant cultural scene. This is the only remaining completely Walled City in Ireland and one of the finest examples of Walled Cities in Europe. The Walls were built during the period 1613 – 1618 by the honourable, the Irish Society as defences for early seventeenth century settlers from England and Scotland.

The Derry Walls are approximately 1.5 km and form a walkway around the inner City providing a unique promenade to view the layout of the original town which still preserves it’s Renaissance Style street plan to this day. The City claims Europe’s largest collection of Cannon whose origins are known precisely. Many of them thundered in anger over the two seventeenth century sieges. The 24 Cannons were restored in 2005 and are displayed throughout the Derry City Walls with the impressive Roaring Meg located on the double bastion.

Derry Tours: The gable wall with the slogan “You Are Now Entering Free Derry” was painted by John Caker Casey, on 5th January 1969. The name “Free Derry” was given to the areas of the Bogside, Creggan and Brandywell that were barricaded off from the security forces between August 1969 and July1972.

Derry Tours

The Museum of Free Derry opened it’s doors in Derry’s Bogside and offers a multimedia exhibition on the Civil Rights and early conflict era in the City, including Battle of the Bogside, Internment, Bloody Sunday and Operation Motorman. The museum was established to tell the story of the Civil Rights movement and the creation of Free Derry in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It has become an important part of Ireland’s radical and Civil Right’s heritage. It tells the story how a largely working class community rose up against the years of oppression it had endured.

Doagh Island, Inishowen, Donegal. The Doagh Visitor Centre provides a great variety of exhibitions telling the story of the Irish Famine, Fear and Eviction. It is also a place where the customs, traditions and history of the people of Inishowen are preserved in a permanent way. The whole attractions built around and includes original thatched dwellings. These thatched dwellings were still inhabited up until 1983 by the owners family and one of the tour guides , Pat Doherty.

Today’s Derry Tours offer highlights which include the Tower Museum, St Columb’s Cathedral, Siege Museum, Craft Village, Museum of Free Derry and Peace Bridge. Contact Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland for more details.

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