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Latest Covid 19 update information and advice while travelling with Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland luxury chauffeur service. We are open 24/7 during this pandemic, stay safe, travel safe and be safe.

Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland
Luxury Chauffeur Service, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland are following all the government guidelines for chauffeur services to prevent the spread of the CORONAVIRUS. As a leading Belfast chauffeur company, we are taking all the necessary training to ensure all the correct safety procedures are followed. Our chauffeurs are following all the government recommendations for transport providers to help prevent the spread of this virus.

Our guidelines stipulate that if a chauffeur becomes aware that they have had contact with an infected individual, they will immediately self isolate for the required minimum fourteen days.

Our chauffeurs have to be stringent regarding their own health and company procedures. Once a chauffeur has dropped off the client, the chauffeur will wash their hands thoroughly. All our chauffeurs use antibacterial wipes and hand gel before the focus turns to the sanitisation of the vehicle to ensure the clients are protected at all times.

Vehicle hygiene procedure, the chauffeur will sanitise the seats, door handles and all surfaces a client can possibly touch. Once the car has been fully sanitised the chauffeur will again sanitise their hands, ensuring clients are protected at all times.

Welcoming clients, upon arrival our chauffeurs will offer antibacterial wipes and hand gel. Our chauffeurs will refrain from our customary meet and greet hand shake. Our vehicles have a range of cleaning products available for each client, these include antibacterial wipes and hand gels. We take the safety of our clients very seriously and thoroughly believe our extra long wheel base vehicles provide extra safety. The government advice of two meters is easily achieved in our extra long wheel base Mercedes v-class. The government advice also recommends you sit behind the chauffeur and have air extracted from the vehicle.

Contact Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland for a safe journey during this coronavirus pandemic. Covid 19 update.

• information about the virus and protection

• Department of Health & Social care

•World Health Organisation

We at Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland are taking a responsible approach towards minimising the risk of infection and spread of this virus.

Thank you for your support

Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland

covid 19 update
covid 19 protection

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