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Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland will transfer you from your cruise ship Viking Jupiter to Northern Ireland’s Royal residence Hillsborough Castle. The restored and re-imagined Hillsborough Castle and gardens has something for everyone. The Castle has welcomed the world and witnessed pivotal chapters in British and Irish politics. Walk in the footsteps of Royalty, Peacemakers and Presidents in the State Room, majestic Throne Room and graceful Drawing Room. The expert guides will talk you through a 45-minute tour of Hillsborough Castle’s fascinating history and stunning staterooms. Viking Jupiter.

In November 1985, the Anglo Irish Agreement was signed in the Drawing Room of Hillsborough Castle.

Leading to the start of the Peace Process years later.

The Road to Peace

From Hillsborough Castle to the Republican and Loyalist heartland’s the Fall’s and Shankill roads.

Our chauffeur drive tour guides (Belfast MET qualified) will tell you how the Troubles/conflict erupted and finished, local stories and why the so-called peace walls are still there.

Marquis Donegall gift

Belfast Castle with it’s fascinating history, this superb setting and view’s guarantee great photo opportunities. Viking Jupiter.

Belfast City Hall

We will tell you about this magnificent Hall, the surrounding area, built to reflect the richest city in Ireland at the time. These buildings Enhanced Belfast City status.

Joining the Local’s

Become a local by enjoying the Guinness served to perfection. At Henry’s/Jailhouse you will hear the stories of Old Belfast, see the plaques, statues and listen to traditional Irish music at Belfast’s oldest tavern White’s.

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Northern Ireland surprises people, it changes them. We would say it’s our giant spirit that brings them to life. It awakens their senses, fires their imaginations, stretches their muscles and maybe touches their soul. It is not just what you do here, it’s the people you meet and the way it makes you feel. Encountering a giant spirit can change people for life. Our experiences are designed to unlock the giant spirit in you and your clients.

Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland work along side a network of businesses ready to work with you and your clients. We know each other well and have developed the Giant Spirit brand together. Our Giant Spirit puts the warmth in our welcome, we appreciate clients and enjoy spending time with them. We understand you and your clients vacation is the most important time of the year and we will work hard to make it great for them. Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland share a commitment to high quality attractions and businesses. We know that everyone is different and so offer individually tailored experiences. Viking Jupiter.

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