Royal Hillsborough Castle & Cultural Belfast #1


“Eye opening experience”

Hillsborough Castle
Hillsborough Castle

Polished Jewels & Cultural Guinness, explore Royal Hillsborough Castle and Gardens encountering fascinating stories and moments of discovery around every corner.

Northern Ireland’s Royal residence Hillsborough Castle
The restored & re-imagined Hillsborough Castle & gardens has something for everyone. The Castle has welcomed the world & witnessed pivotal chapters in British & Irish politics.

Walk in the footsteps of Royalty, Peacemakers & Presidents in the State Room, majestic Throne Room & graceful Drawing Room. The expert guides will talk you through a tour of Royal Hillsborough Castle’s fascinating history & stunning staterooms.

Discover the gardens at the Castle, known as the Small Park, extended to nearly 100 glorious acres, perfect for relaxing and letting the world pass by. The garden to the north of the main house is one such contrived, natural landscape. Some of the carriage rides and paths survive, encircling the lake that was created by damming the stream.
In November 1985, the Anglo Irish Agreement was signed in the Drawing Room of the Castle.
Leading to the start of the Peace Process years later.
The Road to Peace
From Hillsborough Castle to the Republican & Loyalist heartland’s the Fall’s & Shankill roads. It is in these areas where you will notice the gable walls painted in political murals, each telling their stories and hardships.
Our chauffeur guides will tell you how the Troubles/conflict erupted & finished, local stories & why the so-called peace walls are still there.
Experience Belfast City Hall & architecture, a proud City. Complete the tour with a Guinness & Irish music in an classic historical Tavern, engaging with the locals and enhancing your Irish experience.

Contact Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland to enjoy this experience.

• Luxury transfers
• Guided Tour (special thanks to Alan Greer – Business Development & Visitor Experience Executive)
• Visit Fall’s & Shankill Roads including the so called Peace Walls & Murals
• Belfast Castle & Country Park
• Titanic Quarter including HMS Caroline
Belfast City Hall & architecture
•Taverns & Guinness to engage with the locals

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