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Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland offers luxury Chauffeur Car Services for business & leisure transport throughout the island of Ireland. Our drivers are experienced chauffeurs and tour guides who provide a high standard and discreet service.

We provide chauffeur-driven Mercedes vehicles, which may be hired for travel throughout the island of Ireland.  Our luxury cars are ideal for up to 3 passengers with luggage, and are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.  We also offer chauffeured MPV vehicles, such as the Mercedes V-class, which can accommodate larger groups. Our presentation is also a key component of our professional manner and attitude. Our neat appearance, proper demeanour, reliability, competence, communicator skills, good etiquette, composure and organizational skills allow us to deliver the professional service you require.

At Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland you will experience the ultimate in elegance, luxury and bespoke solutions to your transportation needs. 

Allow us to provide you with a stress free visit to Ireland. Our staff and chauffeurs will transfer you to your destination while sharing their local knowledge and “craic”.

As an Elite Partner with Visit Belfast we help promote Conference sales, promotions and exhibitions in Northern Ireland. As transport partners we assist the sales team in research, identify and target association conferences and events, which match Belfast’s key academic, medical and industrial sectors. By assisting Visit Belfast it provides us with opportunities to meet new clients and showcase Belfast and Northern Ireland as a leading conference destination. This allows us to maximise the networking, conference and sales missions opportunities for the clients to experience Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland executive transfers / travel in Northern Ireland. Our chauffeur services have transferred flagship industrial companies and influential global events organisers throughout both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland actively promotes Northern Ireland in domestic and out of state markets through World Host ambassador program. This program helps promote the country as an exciting destination for holiday / vacation and business events. The Belfast Ambassador Program is a network of over 1,300 leading academic and business professionals who work with Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland to attract prestigious national and international conference events to more cities. More than 70% of conferences and events are secured through the efforts of local Belfast ambassadors.Familiarisation or FAM trips help promote all the facilities that Northern Ireland and Ireland have to offer. The chauffeurs promote our country as a world-class conference and meetings destination. Our FAM trips engage with the travel trade by offering a taste of what their clients will experience when they visit Ireland. The trip or presentation will demonstrate the itinerary and ideas on offer.

Through our sales and marketing activity, Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland aims to attract international and domestic group tour operator business to Belfast. Exhibitions, product updates to a dedicated contacts database, webinars, FAM trips and sales calls provide our business associates with opportunities to view and experience our new showcase products. We can directly sell our products and services to tour operators and travel professionals from across our key markets in Ireland, Great Britain, Europe, Asia and North America.

A new showcase product tour, Maritime Mile is listed below. Sinclair Seamen’s Church: Built by Charles Lanyon in1857-58 to meet the spiritual needs of visiting sailors, this part church, part maritime museum has a pulpit shaped like a ship’s prow,a brass ship’s wheel and binnacle (used as a baptismal font) salvaged from a WW1 wreck and the ship’s bell from HMS Hood.

Belfast Harbour Commissioners: This stunning building dates back to 1847, and you can visit an exhibition in the Heritage Room which celebrates 400 years of Belfast maritime history, detailing Belfast’s emergence as a major port and the city’s subsequent growth and development as an industrial hub.

Clarendon Dock & City Quays: The dry docks where Belfast’s shipbuilding industry was born date back to 1800-1826. Both docks were used to work on ship’s hulls and the workshop was designed for working on the rigging of sail ships. The area has now been transformed into the City Quays development, home to a mix of commercial offices, shops, cafes, restaurants as well as the Marriott Hotel.

The Big Fish: The beautiful blue scales on the salmon of knowledge are made up of ceramic tiles depicting scenes from the city’s history. Legend has it that if you kiss the fish you’ll gain all of its wisdom!

Lagan Weir: A wide, modern foot and cycle bridge connecting the city centre with Titanic Quarter. Beautifully illuminated in the evening, take a seat and enjoy the view’s of the city from the River Lagan.

Glass of Thrones: You will find 3 of the 6 Game of Thrones stained glass windows in Titanic Quarter, located at Odyssey Point, SS Nomadic and on the Titanic slipways. Created for the final season of the show, each one represents a different house or legacy.

The Belfast Buoys:  The three buoys are estimated to be around 80 years old, and would have been used by mariners to find a safe channel to and from port. Recently restored to their original colour, they have been installed as a permanent display at Abercorn Basin.

SS Nomadic: The last remaining White Star Line vessel, SS Nomadic, has been restored to her original glory and is back home in the historic Hamilton Dock, near Titanic Belfast. Come on board and experience over 100 years of authentic maritime and social history.

Titanic Belfast: One of the world’s leading visitor attractions is housed in an iconic six-floor building. With nine interpretive and interactive galleries that explore the sights, sounds, smells and stories of Titanic, as well as the city and people which made her. Titanic Belfast is an unmissable experience.

Titanic and Olympic Slipways: Behind Titanic Belfast you’ll find the historic slipways where these famous ships were built and launched over one hundred years ago. Containing many original features, a Memorial Garden illustrates the proportion of Titanic victims and survivors from each of the passenger classes and crew. The outline of the sister ships illuminate at night and are the perfect space to reflect.

Titanic Hotel Belfast: The original red brick building is a truly authentic part of Titanic’s story. Harland and Wolff had two main drawing offices within the building, where naval architect’s, marine engineers and draftsmen were responsible for the design of the ships. This historic building has been transformed into the Titanic Hotel, preserving its place in Belfast’s maritime heritage.

The Great Light: The former lighthouse optic is a unique heritage object with significance to Belfast’s economic industrial maritime past. Originally serving both Mew and Troy Island lighthouses, the optic is the largest of its kind ever constructed and dates back to 1887. It is lit all year round and has amazing views over Belfast Harbour and Lough.HMS Caroline: Visitors can explore, through a mixture of historic restoration, state of the art special effects and hands on interactive exhibits, the importance of the Battle of Jutland and discover what life was like at sea for the crew that served on board.

HMS Caroline: Visitors can explore, through a mixture of historic restoration, state of the art special effects and hands on interactive exhibits, the importance of the Battle of Jutland and discover what life was like at sea for the crew that served on board.

Titanic Dock & Pump House: Discover the story behind Belfast’s maritime magic by taking a tour at the site of the Thompson Dry Dock and Pump House. See the ships physical footprint in history, descend 44 feet to the bottom of the dock where Titanic last sat on dry ground and learning about Belfast’s shipbuilding legacy in the visitor centre.

This Maritime Mile is an example of Diamond Chauffeurs Ireland tours.

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